Variety of Georgia’s Mission, Vision and Focus

Variety of Georgia’s mission is to enrich, improve, and fulfill the lives of children living with disabilities and disadvantages. Our hope is that all children of ability or circumstance are able to actively participate in their community and experience all the joys that come with being a child. Every child deserves the opportunity to live, laugh, and learn. Our focus is to provide health, wellness, and educational programs to underserved children who are disadvantaged or have special needs.

Variety Caring for Kids Program
Caring For Kids Program

The Variety Caring for Kids program, provides access to uncovered medical services and devices. This program is designed to fit the specific needs of a child. The main goal for many parents is to allow their child the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Families turn to this program as a last resort to help their child. At Variety, we know how hard it is for parents to find a program that will help with funding that is not covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. This program not only offers support for these children, but also enhances our community by bettering the lives of the people around us. Through the Caring for Kids program Variety fills in the gaps in their lives and provides resources to fit each child’s unique medical needs.

Variety Future Kids Program
Future Kids Program

Variety Future Kids Program provides access to learning tools for children living with disadvantages or disabilities the means to reach their full potential. Children with learning disabilities and autism have a much more difficult time when it comes to education. The Future Kids program seeks to benefit the families in Georgia by providing services and materials such as adaptive learning technology and school supplies. The program also funds special events for the children including movie screenings, holiday parties, and outings to sports games, museums, theme parks, and plays.

Variety Freedom Program
Variety Freedom Program

The Variety Freedom Program provides access to mobility for children to be free to live, laugh and learn. There are an estimated 126,000 children in Georgia living with some type of disability, not including those children with learning disabilities. Children in Georgia need Variety’s support to assist them in the process of gaining independence, allowing them to join other children in their community. This program enables the development of a lifetime of healthy habits, improved communication, and increased mobility. Variety’s Freedom program provides children with the means to develop their own freedom and independence through equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, van lifts, home modifications, house ramps, adaptive car seats, strollers, and therapeutic mobility bicycles.

Inclusive Play
Inclusive Play Program


The Variety Inclusive All Abilities Playground, is sensory-rich environment that enables children to develop physically, socially and emotionally. An engaging place that provides the perfect level of challenge and offers opportunities to succeed. A place that goes beyond minimum accessibility to create play experiences that meet a variety of needs and interests of all children. Each deserves the opportunity to be a part of the community. Inclusive play goes beyond the ADA standards of playgrounds being accessible to children or adults in wheelchairs.

At an inclusive playground, children of all abilities can interact with each other and be active, be social, and belong.

Variety’s vision is to expand on our direct programs and build three inclusive playgrounds in the next five years featuring activities that are age and developmentally appropriate, sensory stimulating and challenging for all children. Our designs will strive to make environments more usable, safer and healthier for all.

Our collaborative process engages government, community partners, and community needs to build a design that reflects our vision. We have thoroughly researched this project and are confident these inclusive playgrounds will enhance the lives of children and the communities in Georgia.

We are proud to announce the first Variety Inclusive Ability playground will be located at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Please contact Chase Andrews or 678-994-4210 to learn ways you can support this program initiative.Click here for More Information and Community Feedback