12th Annual Hearts for the Holiday Party

Atlanta, GA (December 2017)Saturday, December 2! As part of its Future Kids program, Variety of Georgia – The Children’s Charity

The children and their parents watched a special movie screening at AMC Camp Creek 14 and were gifted a free popcorn and drink by the theatre. After the movie, the children got to meet Santa and receive gifts purchased uniquely for them based on their wish lists. Santa presented and delivered gifts and even took photos with the kids. AMC Theatres at Camp Creek 14 donated their space and acted as the North Pole Host Sponsor. Coca-Cola was Variety’s program event sponsor and the holiday film was donated by the Distributer.

One child with special needs also received an adaptive mobility bike during the Holiday Party. The adaptive bike will help overcome physical obstacles and provide therapeutic support.

For more information on Variety’s Future Kids program, please visit http://www.varietyofgeorgia.org/. Connect with Variety of Georgia – The Children’s Charity on Facebook and Twitter.

About Variety of Georgia, Tent 21
Tent 21 was established in Atlanta in 1939 as the 21st chapter of Variety International, commonly known as the World’s Greatest Children’s Charity. Variety of Georgia is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The charity’s mission is to enrich, improve, and fulfill the lives of children with disabilities or disadvantages. Echoing the first Variety fundraising event, a circus-themed affair held under a big-top, clubs are often called “Tents” and members “Barkers.” Following the tradition of the founders of the first Tent in Pittsburgh, Pa., 80 percent of the members of Tent 21 hail from the motion picture industry, though membership is open to all who care about children. For more information, please visit http://www.varietyofgeorgia.org/. Visit Variety of Georgia – The Children’s Charity on Facebook and Twitter.