With an eight-decade legacy of caring for children across the globe, Variety – The Children’s Charity has become the largest and most effective children’s charity in the world. The organization has grown to 39 Tents (or Chapters) in 13 countries, raising over $1.7 billion to assist the treatment and care for children with special needs.

Long considered “The Heart of Show Business,” Variety finds it roots in the entertainment industry. Variety was established in 1928 by eleven Vaudeville showmen and still exists today for one reason – to help children in need.

Decades ago, on Christmas Eve in 1928, a baby girl was abandoned at the Sheridan Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA. The eleven Variety Club members, who found the destitute girl, decided to underwrite the child’s support and education. Their work has exponentially grown into a worldwide network of thousands of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of children in crisis.

Variety’s legacy continues now into the 21st century with genuinely altruistic support, partnership and sponsorship provided by major motion picture studios, movie theatre chains, as well as national and international retailers and major corporations.

Variety of Georgia, established in 1939 is the 21st chapter of Variety – The Children’s Charity, works to create a brighter future, one child at a time.